Intelligent Measurement Systems LLC

Because measurements cost money.


Intelligent Measurement Systems’ current focus and flagship product is PVfit: a secure web service for fitting solar photovoltaic (PV) performance model parameters from current-voltage (I-V) measurements. PVfit is also available with a Python 3 API (Application Programming Interface) for edge/remote/deployed systems.

PVfit re-parameterizes common lumped-parameter single-diode models for PV performance so that they seamlessly integrate with tried-and-true I-V curve measurement techniques. PVfit’s novel model calibration approach brings streamlined performance measurement and modeling workflows to practitioners. Reduced complexity means less cognitive overhead. With equal or better accuracy, this translates into more credible results. PVfit also enables the replacement of conventional meteorological stations with potentially more accurate PV-based sensors for effective irradiance and cell temperature.


Intelligent Measurement Systems is owned and operated by Mark Campanelli in Bozeman, MT, USA [45°40’N 111°01’W]. Mark has a PhD in mathematics and is a software engineer by trade. He takes great interest in delivering usable software to help customers solve their model calibration problems using lean measurement workflows. Reach out to him at